The pilot volume of Saga Voices has been published

You are warmly welcome to read our new e-magazine Saga Voices.The voices of people in the industry is the key feature of the magazine, which is also reflected in the chosen name – Saga Voices. In addition to personal insights, the magazine includes industry highlights, videos, dialogues, an event calendar, and various stories serving its reader with both facts and lighter content, with fur as a common denominator.

The pilot volume includes e.g. an interview with Saga Furs´s new CEO Markus Gotthardt, a video interview with Mark Oaten, CEO of International Fur Federation; articles about fur craftmanship, Saga Furs´ labels and vintage fur. We also start three series, the first offering social media tips, the other presenting fur cities (this time the enchanting Kastoria) and the third about indigenous fur communities.

We wish this would evolve into a forum that could unite, serve, and inspire the industry on a wider scale. Saga Furs has taken a key task in openly communicating the responsibility and operating models of the industry to relevant stakeholders such as fashion houses and international media. Our belief in transparency also applies to the form of this publication. It is freely accessible, and anybody is welcome to read it.

Creating a magazine that really serves the readers is a demanding task that always takes time. The June test volume with a limited number of articles will be a basis on which improvements are made. If you have ideas for future editions, please send them at

Stay tuned for the launch in October, but until then – happy reading!