The Silverblue female Top Lot was bought by Oriental Lady, a high-end fur retail brand in China

“Oriental Lady” was established in China in 1996. It is a luxury fur brand integrating production and retailing. Under the leadership of Mr. Cui Biao, the current president, the family operating brand is growing stronger and faster. Mr. Cui’s strict requirements on the quality of fur materials, the improvement of techniques, and the keen sense of fashion are deeply reflecting on every garment produced by his company, which also is the secret of the brand to maintain its market position and success.

Currently online retail is the major trend. Mr. Cui’s latest online brand called “Shiti” has developed rapidly and is followed by many fashion driven consumers from the younger generation. Ms. Nana (Tina), the designer and Owner-principal of “Shiti”, has rich experience in fashion design. She has a unique sense for capturing fashion elements. She also has a unique insight in color and material. Her design concept and collections can easily identify with the younger generation in the aesthetic.

Although the uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic has had severe effects on the whole world since the beginning of 2020, “Shiti” still takes an optimistic attitude in research and development. They decided to bid for the mink top lot in Saga Furs auction and aim to cheer the industry and bring confidence and motivation to its loyal customers.

Mr. Cui has been a loyal partner of Saga Furs for many years and he has enjoyed the excellent quality of mutation minks and the rare type of foxes from Saga Furs for a long time. “Taking the opportunity of winning the Top lot, we hope to work with Saga Furs together through online activities and bring our fans and fashionable Chinese ladies more high-quality light-luxury fur products. I wish our products’ spirit and concept can meet our customers’ expectations and pursuit of a higher quality lifestyle,” Ms. Nana said.