The Top Lot of Blue Shadow fox was bought by Shi Ti Fur from China

The Top lot of Blue Shadow fox was bought by Haining Shi Ti Clothing Co., Ltd from China in Saga Furs June auction. The company is mainly engaged in e-commerce, high-end clothing and related business. It mainly focuses on leather and fur products and high-end winter clothing. Adhering to the design concept of “noble, classic and fashionable”, Shi Ti is committed to creating high-level clothing for powerful consumers with a great taste.

Haining Shi Ti Clothing Co., Ltd. polishes its products and services with the attitude of striving for perfection, and the company is highly recognized and favored by the majority of consumers and agents. The company has an independent fur design team, which is committed to follow the latest fashion and trends, keen to catching market changes, and striving to create latest development advantages. With unique craftsmanship, innovative design, and good sales service, Shi Ti Fur brand is fully at the forefront of the industry.

The company pays attention to the cultivation of team strength. It not only gathers professional elites to explore their creative potential, but also constantly improves the team’s cooperation ability. In a good atmosphere of competition and cooperation, it casts the spirit of enterprise, empowers the brand, and guides the way to realize the dream of a century-old brand.

“Last year we got Silver Blue Top Lot from Saga Furs auction and now we got the Top Lot from Saga Furs again. We appreciate the excellent quality of the mutation mink and fox skins from Saga Furs all the time. We have also been loyal partners of Saga Furs for many years. The Top Lot represents the highest quality fur. To participate in Saga Furs auction and to bid for the Top Lot represents our recognition and pursuit of luxury quality. We plan to use this Top Lot in our high-end fur products fashion show this year”, says Mr. Cui Biao, President of Shi Ti Fur.

Then he continued buy saying: “We have always maintained close contact and cooperation with Saga Furs. With the help of Saga Furs, we have got a lot of information about fur and strong support in the development of fur techniques. We chose Saga Furs because it is a leading auction house in the fur industry, which I believe will help us develop high-end products for our customers.”

We believe that Shi Ti and Saga Furs will have more in-depth cooperation in the future to create high-quality fur products for consumers. But meanwhile Shi Ti is very happy to meet more consumers and industry peers through the international media channels of Saga Furs, and welcome everyone to follow up their official WeChat account: Oriental lady.