The Top Lot of Brown Velvet Female mink was purchased by Wei Daier Fur

In Saga Furs’ September 2022 auction The Top Lot of Brown Velvet Female mink was purchased by Mr. Hao Shijun on behalf of Mr. Ai Yingli, the owner of Wei Daier Fur company from China.

Mr. Ai Yingli, the founder of “Wei daier” said that “We have cooperated with Saga Furs for many years, and every year we purchase a large number of high-quality mink pelts from Saga Furs’ auctions. Saga Furs is strict and accurate when it comes to grading. Therefore, we can buy mink pelts from Saga Furs with confidence. High-quality fur is used to make beautiful fur clothing with traditional excellent craftsmanship and to demonstrate the diverse blends of traditional and modern culture.”

Dengta Wei daier Garment Factory was established in 2011 in Tong’erbu, where is located the famous production base of Leather and fur garments in China. In March 2016 the company was renamed to “Liaoning Wei daier Garment Co., Ltd.”. The registered trademark of the company –”Wei daier”, has got the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, and has been named as a famous trademark in Liaoning Province. At the same time, it has also been recognized by the China Leather Association. The company’s brand, “Wei daier Fur”, has been successively named as “The Fur Garment King in China” and “The Famous Fur Garment in China” and other honorary titles.

“Wei daier” is a fur garment company, focusing on fashionable women’s fur, but also selling men’s fur garments. It integrates design, production, and sales, and is specializing in the production of high-end fur garments. The company’s annual production capacity is more than 10,000 garments. Through close contact and interaction with the customers, focusing on details and design, selected raw materials and exquisite craftsmanship, the designers create garments which fit their customer’s unique needs.

“The garment of “Wei daier” have been meticulously created by professional furrier with superb craftsmanship from beginning to end, including the selection of fur itself as well as accessories used. The garments are fashionable and beautiful, showing self-expression and personality, while maintaining the classic look and feel of the luxurious fur garment. The introverted elegance and connotation with a sense of the times are the common characteristics of every distinguished client after wearing fur garment from Wei daier Fur”, continues Mr. Ai Yingli.


Photos 1 & 2: The founder of Wei Daier Mr. Ai Yingli
Photo 3: Saga Furs’c CEO Markus Gotthardt in the middle with the broker of Wei Daier Fur