The Top Lot of Silverblue mink was purchased by Mr. George Gkogkos from Greece on behalf of Abel Furs Dubai

During the September auction, Saga Furs once again featured a selection of special Top Lots. Among them was the Top Lot of Silverblue Velvet Female mink, which was secured by Mr. George Gkogkos from Greece on behalf of Abel Furs Dubai.

Abel Furs Trading LLC, established by Mr. Apostolos Gkogkos, has been present in Dubai for over 25 years. The company maintains a close partnership with Saga Furs, and purchases top-quality mink and fox fur pelts from Saga Furs’ auctions. While the fur garments are produced in Greece, the company’s market extends globally, including the USA and Europe.

“We are delighted that a Greek company has once again acquired the Top Lot. It’s been a while since this last occurred, and this underscores the high-quality garments we’ve been providing our customers throughout the years,” remarked Mr. Gkogkos. He represents the second generation in the fur manufacturing business.

The photo from Dubai store

Originally, Abel Furs began as a small family venture crafting handmade fur products and accessories. It was founded in 1994 in Siatista, Kastoria, Greece – a renowned city in the global Fur Industry. While the company started small, there was a vision from the outset to expand into the Emirates, recognizing the potential of that market. In 1999, a store was opened in Dubai.

The quality and distinctive design of Abel Furs’ products swiftly propelled the Abel Furs Label to a prominent position among the leading fur producers worldwide. From that point on, the company experienced rapid growth.

Getting some inspiration from the Saga Furs Creative Hub in Finland during September auction.

When asked about how the company intends to utilize the Top Lot pelts, Mr. Gkogkos responded: “The Top Lot pelts will be dressed at the DM dressing factory in Greece. And after, we plan to create a garment tailored for a specific, well-known customer.” The details of which currently remain confidential.

For further information about the company, please visit their website at or their Instagram account @abelfurs.

From left to right, the gentlemen are: Apostolos Gkogkos (father), Markus Gotthardt (CEO of Saga Furs) and Georgios Gkogkos (son).