The Top Lot of White Female mink was bought by The LoLo, a high-end fur retail brand in China

The Lolo is a Chinese fur brand that has been buying Saga Furs fur for years already. In December 2020, the LoLo bought the Top Lot for the second time at the Saga Furs auction. This time it was white mink and the customer is planning to create new high-end product for next year using these pelts.

The LoLo is a luxury brand that sells fur products, jewelry and fashion to high-end customers worldwide. The majority of customers are still VIP customers and therefore the products are manufactured and sold privately and in small quantities. The Lolo also has a physical shop showing the latest collections, and, so far, only a small-scale online shop with younger women as its clientele.

“We have always maintained close contact and cooperation with Saga Furs. With the help of Saga Furs, we are happy to obtain a lot of information about the fur industry and to get great support with the fur technic development. The reason why we choose Saga Furs is because Saga Furs is a professional and leading company in fur industry, and I believe that will help us to achieve high-end product development for our customers”, says LoLo, the owner of the brand.

The photos used in this article are showing The LoLo’s current collection.