The value of brokered sales of this selling season exceeds pre-pandemic level

Saga Furs´ online auction concluded today. The September auction was the last one of the selling season. After strong price increase for mink pelts during this season, the company as a market leader chose to protect the price level in current situation to stabilize the market. For this reason, the clearances on mink lowgrades and breeders were higher than on regular pelts. The 2.5 million mink pelts on offer were 70% sold and the price doubled compared to the auction a year ago.

The value of Saga Furs brokered pelts in September auction was EUR 59 million (9/2020: EUR 72 million). The value of brokerage of this season is EUR 392 million (for the previous season EUR 157 million). During this season the company has sold 8.2 million (2019/2020: 7.4 million) mink pelts and 1.6 million (2019/2020: 0,5 million) fox and Finnraccoon pelts. A considerable number of the mink pelts offered for sale were carried over for sale in the next financial year.

“This auction concludes a successful sales season during which mink production has returned to be profitable again. For fox producers, the situation is not as good yet, even though at the end of the season a profitable level has already been achieved. The improvement is also reflected in the fact that the value of brokered sales is now higher than the pre-pandemic level,” says Magnus Ljung, CEO of Saga Furs.