The value of Saga Furs brokered pelts in December auction doubled from the last year

Saga Furs’ December auction concluded today. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and travel restrictions, the auction was held online and attended by more than 100 buyers from all main markets. There was strong competition in the auction system. Saga Furs had on offer more than 800,000 mink pelts which were 80% sold and the price level increased by an average 50% compared to last season. There was also on offer 120,000 Blue fox and Blue Shadow fox pelts, which were 100% sold and the price level increased by about 20%. Of the 100,000 mutation fox pelts and Silver fox pelts only one-fifth was sold while the price level remained stable. Purchases went mainly to China with some support from South Korea, Greece, Turkey, Italy and Russia.

“The massive decline in production was reflected in the price level, which became almost profitable for the farmers. The demand varies a lot between different pelt types, which explains why all skins were not sold. For mink, the season looks bright as the demand exceeds supply. Unfortunately, the situation is difficult for mutation and Silver fox pelts, as the fashion world is still suffering from the effects of the pandemic”, says Magnus Ljung, CEO of Saga Furs.

The Blue Shadow fox Top Lot was bought today by Steven Holden for Rebellato Graziano sas.

Saga Furs will hold the next auction in March 2021.