Third Eye view of what to look for in upcoming runway shows

Saga Furs acts as the intersection of innovation, inspiration and creativity. Our Fur Vision events, close affiliations with fashion brands and assisting designers in realizing their ideas with Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon give us a Third Eye to forecast what’s to come in A/W-2017-18 fashion weeks. Saga Furs craft techniques and shared knowledge always play a major behind-the-scenes role when it comes to luxurious fur fashion.


A rhapsody of free-flowing moods and colours with a sense of luxury fit for a queen. Designers have defied convention through deft application of artistic techniques. Styles to come your way include re-defining knit by using mink as a tube, mixes of fur types with feathers, patchwork and a dazzle of other innovative ideas. The look is easy going with that certain something fur delivers.



Soft alluring luxury meets the diamond-hard edge of scintillating elegance. The creators of the look have embellished the natural beauty of various types of fur with golden accoutrements, colourful foils, gold chains and metallic-toned leather. The styles to come are animated by the radiant metallic effects integrated into fur.



The vivid imaginations of designers have taken the perfection of geometric objects, meticulously applied the furrier craft and techniques to give us perfect objects of desire. The look is based upon structure, texture and depth with tonal qualities providing lustre and contrast. Checkerboard patterns, colour mixes and appealing forms present a three-dimensional potpourri of luxury.



Designers gave themselves a true workout in creativity by combining hi-tech performance fabrics with the most precious of materials – fur. The look speaks for itself: casual and sporty, but with a healthy dollop of luxury. You’ll be seeing lots of fur trim, exciting combos such as fur and rubber and quilted textures. Styles are simply fabulous and fun.


Into the Wild

The untamed beauty of natural fur takes fashion beyond the frontiers of raw luxury, as designers have explored the potential of fox and finnraccoon. Imaginative mixes of the two, new intarsia concepts, Fox on Fabric used to effect, blends of sheared fox with other furs along with other craft techniques allow the aesthetic nature of fur to take its course. Styles take a luxurious walk on the wild side of fashion.