Top Lot of Arctic Marble Frost Fox purchased for Sensations Fur, a custom couture retailer in Beijing

A need for the highest-quality most exclusive cross fox skins lead Mr. He Jing from Sensations Fur to purchase the Arctic Marble Frost Fox Top Lot during Saga Furs’ September 2018 auction.

Sensations Fur has been creating custom garments for a high-end clientele for three generations. To keep their extensive expertise in fur craftmanship and tailoring alive, they have modernised their collection and integrated fur throughout their garments and are working with fur in a modern way. They were inspired by the technique samples from Saga Furs’ well-known Design Centre and want to partner up to develop their techniques and create completely new and exclusive garments for high clientele. Fox fur will be a welcome new addition to Sensations Fur’s collection and handicraft tradition.

The Arctic Marble Frost Fox was interesting to Sensations Fur as it is a special colour with a limited quantity of the highest-quality skins. Sensations Fur’s collection is extremely exclusive, as Mr. He Jing is not interested in high-volume sales but instead in the most exclusive, highest-quality custom garment creation in the business.

Picture 1 (left): Only the finest craftsmanship will suffice for Sensations Fur’s clientele.
Picture 2 (middle): Options are nearly infinite at Sensations Fur’s studio where customers get to be part of the creative process.
Picture 3 (right): Sensations Fur’s studio marries old-world Beijing charm with the highest-quality materials to give customers a/n enriching/tactile/sensuous custom experience.

Fur is sensual

Located in iconic old Beijing, Sensations Fur might look old-school with their hand-crafted custom creations but that hasn’t stopped Mr. He Jing from modernising his business model. Sensations Fur has digitised the customer service experience in this unique custom garment business; a beautiful integration of the best of old and new. Having a brick-and-mortar shop for customers to visit is just as important, however, as the convenience of digital connection since fur is such a tactile, sensuous material. Customers need the convenience of connecting digitally to the Sensations Fur brand but they also need to visit the store to feel the fur and try on garments to make sure they are absolutely perfect.

We look forward to seeing what Sensations Fur does with the Arctic Marble Frost Fox Top Lot skins.