Top Lot of Black Female Mink bought by Ds FURS from Korea

Korean brand Ds FURS bough the Top Lot of Black Female Mink on Wednesday 13 March, after a strong bidding competition in the Saga Furs’ auction room. With more than 30 years experience, Ds FURS has attained an utmost reputation of creating luxurious, trendy design in Korea’s fur industry. They create new designs every season while preserving classic designs that are loved across generations and emphasize interaction between different ages by developing fabric that matches with latest fashion trends.

Their garments incorporate minimalistic designs with consideration for the korean body type as well as paying attention to small details and therefore provide the perfect fit for customers. Ds FURS selects only the finest quality fur and is able to provide exceptional garments with professional fur artisan insight.

Ds FURS’ goal is to provide an enlightened experience to all customers which is ensured through optimal fur quality and eye-catching designs.