The Top Lot will make for beautiful fox coats

Mr Lu Jia is happy. Besides the Blue Fox Top Lot he bought, he has the best souvenir for his daughter: the soft red bunny toy made from certified fox by the Saga Furs Design Centre to the Top Lot buyer.

Also the other important women in his life will benefit from the September auction as Mr Lu plans to make coats for the loved ones in his family. A Blue Fox coat – sounds so plush that the ladies in his life will surely appreciate them.

Mr Lu Jia has been in the fur business for only three years now, but his father, the owner of the Tongxiang Xiongying Fur & Leather Co. Ltd., has owned the manufacturing business for 30 years now.

“We use quite a lot of mink and lamb, and for over 20 years now, we have been using fox in collars and trims,” explains Lu Jia.

The company, based in Chongfu near Hangzhou, manufactures fur garments for the Chinese market but also for export for example to Japan. Even though Mr Lu has been working with his father for several years now, he sees he is still at the learning phase of the industry.

“I come to auctions twice a year. Previously we used Saga I but today we mostly buy Saga Royal heavy skins. As the quality requirements for garments in China have risen, we are also buying better quality.”