Saga Student competition

Turkish customer event was highly popular

Saga Furs and Turkish Fur Trade Association hosted an event in Istanbul, Turkey where we invited our auction customers, manufactures, designers and technologists to hear about current affairs. The point of the mid-November event was to let the attendees know about the present market situation and to introduce the next season offering and auction schedule.

“This season, Saga Furs will have a record offering in its auctions. Our total offering for the season is close to 16 million pelts of which around 14 million is mink, the biggest variety of mutation minks in the world,” Saga Furs’ CEO Magnus Ljung highlighted to the attendees.

Saga techniques in the limelight

During the meeting, high attention was paid to Saga Furs’ fur samples and new techniques, which were of great interest to manufacturers and designers.

“Many manufacturers noted that the selected samples and elements of finished garments, such as different collars, sleeves, hoods and hats, can be successfully used for garment trimmings. The visitors thanked us for giving them new ideas for the creation of their new collections,” says Saga Furs’ business manager Dmitri Larionov.

Based on what was the customer feedback on the collection and what was seen in retail, fox trims in classic wool and cashmere coats and parkas are in fashion.
“Majority of high-end classic cashmere garments have sable and mink trims. Also, mink is used in combination with other materials such as textiles, leather and other types of fur,” explains Larionov.

University students interested

To show the attendees what the young generation can make, collections of three Saga Furs’ student competition winners of the year 2021 were presented during cocktails. The competition will have a sequel, as fashion students of the Mimar Sinan Fine Art University and Marmara University were given the task to create a collection using fur in combination with different materials. Winning students will be rewarded with a trip to Saga Furs to transform sketches into finished products.

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