Ultra-modern modes of using fox to play in future Dita Furs collections

Dita Furs-Papageorgiadou Afrodite not only bought a Saga® Lumi top lot at the June auction, the Greek company also has plans for increasing and promoting its use of top-grade fox in some sure-to-be stunning styles to come.

Three members of the Dita design-furrier team further honed their craft skills and discovered new techniques at an inspiring September seminar tailor-made by the Saga Furs Product Development department.

With the help of the Design Centre staff, the creative trio from Dita enhanced their concept for a new collection aimed at women of all ages who want fashion-forward street styling and luxurious everyday outfits.

Dita will team up with Saga Furs in a marketing strategy for luscious fox

Paulos Papageorgiadis runs Dita Furs, which was founded by his father Alcibiades in 1971. Since then, the company has earned a global reputation as a supplier of front-edge luxurious furs.

Fox has long been a staple of Dita collections that reach key markets in Russia, Korea and North America. Fashion pieces made of Saga Furs feature in all markets. The company has three shops in Moscow and another in its hometown of Kastoria.

Dita and Saga Furs are in the process of outlining possibilities for increased joint activities – with fox as the focal point – in the future.

Superior quality remains an essential asset in all that Dita manufactures

The members of the Dita team have expressed how important it is to have Saga Furs as its source of furs. The partnership revolves around common principles of quality, beauty and ethics.

The seminar not only provided inspiration from the Design Centre’s wealth of technique samples, but it also gave the Dita design team new insight in how to approach traditional techniques from new angles that deliver better results.

Dita’s new concept for easy-to-wear fur will likely become a milestone in the furrier’s heritage.

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