White Velvet female Top Lot was purchased by KC Fur China

In March online auction 2022 White Velvet female mink Top Lot was bought by a Chinese company KC Fur. The company is the leading retailer on the sales list of domestic fur shops.

KC Fur started operations in China in 2005 and its business activities include retail trade in fur products, brand product sales, clothing manufacture, dressing and dyeing as well as mink farming.

As the winner of the “The Leading of Chinese Fur Brands”, KC Fur has made progress since its inception. It has established extensive direct flagship shops in Beijing, Shenyang/Changchun, Harbin, Jilin and many more in order to establish also 100 post-sales service places in China so that KC Fur could implement a national guarantee service, such as repair, replacement and return. Its comprehensive post-sales service system includes cleaning of fur garments, modification, dyeing, cold storage and cutting-edge adjustment. KC Fur has achieved improvements in the post-sales service practice of the fur industry.

KC Fur has its own buyer number in Saga Furs’ international auctions, and the company is keeping a long-term strategic cooperation with Saga Furs. In March online auction they purchased White Velvet female Top Lot.

The company continuously improves the service level and strives for top quality and services, which gives KC great recognition and popularity from consumers. KC Fur is still the leading retailer on the sales list of domestic fur shops.

KC Furs owns 10 global design studios and uses avant-garde concepts as innovative to carry out exclusive research and development activities on its products, which emphasize the combination of traditional craftsmanship and high-quality materials. Through developing fashion sensitivity and philosophy of life, KC Fur brings the ultimate expression of fashion lifestyle and personal style to every KC customer.

With the versatile development, KC Fur has expanded from one clothing industry to a true boutique furs kingdom, covering everything from fur products and brand products to top-class re-modelling services and fashion shows.