Farmers visiting Saga Fur Vision event in New York learned about customer behaviour and fashion

Saga arranged the Saga Fur Vision event in New York in beginning of October. The purpose of the event was to inspire and promote new ideas and give the participants information of working with furs sold by Saga. The fashion community using Saga products was invited to see the new ideas in cutting, sewing and combining fur with textiles, in order to make modern looking coats. The Fur Vision collections have since been shown in Paris, London and Milan, before heading to Asia and Russia.


Sustainability and Circular economy discussions gave the fashion world confidence to use fur

Saga presented its products, which are based upon the high quality of the pelts and the supply chain, to an audience of fashion designers, media, stylists, retailers and participants from different design schools. Discussions about sustainability and circular economy were also arranged to give the fashion world confidence to move forward with Saga mink and fox. In addition, Saga had an exhibit with all the natural colors of mink to promote the continued use of mutations in addition to the darks.

Three leading fur dressers and dyers from Italy and France also presented their new collections to further inspire the designers to include mink in their runway and selling collections.


Leading fur retailers and brands helped farmers

This year also three North American farmers, who sent their mink pelts to Saga Auctions for sale, visited the Fur Vision event. The ranchers were given a tour of the event and an explanation on why the fashion industry buys its mink from Finland. There were also tours arranged to the leading fur retailers and fashion brands to show the ranchers how the styles in mink fashion have changed. The farmers were given possibilities to discuss with store managers on what consumers ask about fur and to see examples of how the fur trade is expected to develop.