The only fur company exhibiting at Paris’ platform promoting responsible creativity

As we all know, consumers demand brands to be sustainable, authentic and transparent. Saga has therefore in the latest FurVision events put a lot of effort in demonstrating all the work done for animal welfare and responsible production.

Saga arranged the FurVision event during the Première Vision –conference in Paris 19th to 21st of September. Saga was the first and the only fur company to exhibit at the fair’s Smart Creation area, a platform promoting responsible creativity in the fashion industry.

Saga also participated in one of Smart Creation’s the main events – Smart Talks – to discuss and compare experiences with experts and international organisations about sustainable practices.

More than 30 people joined the Smart Talk seminar where Tia Matthews, Saga Furs business director, fashion, presented Saga Furs’ Nordic heritage. She also demonstrated how Saga contributed to sustainability within the industry and provided a foundation for values of circular economy. She covered different aspect about Saga’s farm certification, and how the certification

  • is the industry model of responsibility
  • ensures superior levels of animal welfare
  • helps farmers to develop their farms

“We recognized very early on that to serve our customers we needed to ensure that our practices were the best in the industry”, Matthews commented.

Saga Furs’ position as the only fur seller today with its own traceability system was furthermore covered. This interested the listeners widely as did the positive environmental aspect of biodegradability of fur, which has aroused a lot of debate lately in the fashion business.

The Q & A that followed generated quite a bit of positive discussion and allowed an opportunity to correct some misconceptions about fur spread by anti-fur groups over the years.