Saga Furs Online Auction system

Welcome to Saga Furs’ Online selling webpage! Here you will find instructions and video tutorials which will help you buy smoothly in at our Online Auction system.

On this page we have gathered all the information you need to know in order to make your online buying process as smooth and effective as possible. Even though our Online Auction system is intuitive and user-friendly, we recommend that you read the instructions carefully and watch all video tutorials before the actual selling starts. 

Once you have checked the instructions and videos, go to the Online selling by clicking the Login in the right corner of the main navigation.


Written instructions and video tutorials

We have prepared written instructions with the screen shots from the Online Auction system for you. Please read all instruction carefully to learn more about bidding and buying. You can find the written instructions here.

We have also made video tutorials which you can find below in English with subtitles to guide you through the Online Auction system. Please watch them all carefully beforehand to learn more about how to bid and buy in the system.


Invoicing Instructions for Online Buying  

When using Saga Furs’ Buyer Invoicing, the invoicing procedure is the same as at a live auction. To speed up the invoicing process and access information faster, we recommend you use Buyer Invoicing.

When using our manual invoicing, the procedure is the following:

Saga sends a specification of the purchased lots at the end of each auction day to the buyer. The buyer confirms the specification by sending the invoicing instructions to Saga.



If you have questions or need support, our helpdesk will help you

Technical support

Buyer invoicing login issues


You can also call your local contact person

in China, +86 188 888 501 51, +86 188 014 400 33, +86 138 109 676 37

in Korea, +82 10 4944 1396

In Russia and Turkey

in Greece, +30 699 433 2231

in Italy