SAGA FURS “My Catalogue”

Here you will find your total quantity offered. Click on each color type so they’ll appear broken down by sex, size, quality, etc. This is also where you’ll see your sales results after the sale


  1. Your OFFERING Info


a) Logging In

Login to “” with the SAGA email and password you were provided

  • Click on “My Catalogue”
  • From the dropdown menu on top “Change Auction” to preferred auction
  • Click “Confirm”


b) Your Offering Summary

From the same drop down menu on top

  • Click “Sales Results /Offering”
  • Scroll down to see the “Summary of My Offering” (Press “Overview” if not seen)


c) Your Lotting Details

For how many skins you have in each lot being sold, from the same dropdown menu on top:

  • Click “Auction” and the Catalog will appear
  • Select the Color Type you’re looking for
  • Pressing the checkmark in a circle on the top right of the page filters the catalog to show your lots only. Your # of skins in each lot will appear in a little black circle.

Click the checkmark again to go back to the full catalog (Same for smartphone app)



You can also see all this info with our free “Saga Furs Auction” app

For iPhone or iPad:

For Samsung or other androids:


3. SAGA Catalogues

You can download, print or save this sale’s catalogs (broken down by color) here. After the sale they’ll be available with marked prices for sold and unsold goods at the same link

Please reach out to myself or your solicitor if you have any questions or need additional support.

Chris Vaughan
Business Manager – North America
(608) 719-8475