Animal Welfare Assessment through WelFur

Saga Certification is a unique farm management system, based on Finnish standards, producing the highest level of animal welfare.  The Saga Certification program was launched by FIFUR already in 2005. As the only fur seller in the industry with its own supplier farmer certification and auditing programmes on farm management, including the environment and animal health and welfare, Saga Furs has been working for over ten years to bring certification to the fur farming community. Saga Furs is exporting certification to other North American and European supplier farms seeking to qualify their fur products to be sold by Saga.

In Finland, the law sets requirements on fur farming, but with its certification programme Saga Furs goes beyond these. In Finland the responsible implementing partner is FIFUR and abroad Saga Furs. Saga Furs sources skins only from certified Fox and Finnraccoon suppliers. As an additional guarantee, an independent auditor DNV GL conducts random audits of Saga Furs certification processes in countries where the company has suppliers.