The new Chairman of the Board of Saga Furs: “I’m pleased for the opportunity to help our industry”

“The less a person knows about a subject, the safer opinions he often has! Although I am a third-generation producer of fur and I understand the industry quite well, I will not have immediate and ready plans or solutions in my new role as Chairman of the Board. But the goal is clear: I want to make sure Saga develops even further and maintains its position as the world’s leading auction house!”

This is what Jari Isosaari, the brand new Chairman of the Board of Saga Furs, says when I meet him a couple of days after his appointment.
“While the industry is currently undergoing significant changes and the market situation is challenging, I am really glad that I got this chance in my part to help our trade remain vibrant.”

“We must dare to make strategic efforts to develop Saga”

As a result of his long experience, Isosaari knows the challenges of fur production better than many other industry professionals and his network is extensive. Isosaari’s fur farm Isosaari Turkis was founded in 1952. This was when Isosaari’s grandparents married and the dowry of the bride was a cow. The young groom traded the cow for six female minks, which in the first year made only one puppy. Undeterred by this, Isosaari’s grandparents continued to develop their farm and now, 67 years later, Jari Isosaari’s fur farm is one of the largest and oldest farms in Finland.

“I have inherited a model of thinking that I continuously want to develop both myself and my business. Keeping this in mind, I will also be doing my job in the position as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Saga. Although the market situation varies and sometimes gets worse, there is a need to dare to make strategic investments for business development. Maintaining fur farming as a profitable business is the most important thing. Saga could on its part further sharpen its strategic efforts to achieve this goal,” says Isosaari.

Challenges inspire the new Chairman of the Board

Taking the role as Chairman of the Board of a listed company is a great challenge for anyone, no matter how successful a company is. But Isosaari was expressly motivated by the challenges and therefore he agreed.

“When such an opportunity came along, I couldn’t let it go. It had to be seized. Perhaps, my long-lasting karate hobby has also influenced my attitude. I like to challenge myself and I’m going to be serious and excited. I tackle the task in the same way I approach karate: it is not about overcoming others but about self-encounter and self-improvement.

”Saga’s strengths increase the company’s market shares”

Isosaari believes that the worst phase in the market has already been seen and with Saga’s strengths makes it is easier to rise to better price levels.
“Saga’s extensive customer base, versatile offerings and comprehensive services provided by skilled personnel, are great steps towards higher profitability and a greater market share. My success in my job is also very important to me personally, because I want to leave a competitive source of livelihood to my offspring,” says Isosaari.