Certification ensures responsible fur for the fashion industry

Saga Furs leads the industry in sustainability as the only fur seller with a supplier certification and auditing programme on the environment and animal health and welfare.

Saga Certification by Finnish Standards, now with WelFur inside, is a unique farm management system producing the highest level of animal welfare. Responding to demand from global brands and the next generation of consumers on sustainability and animal welfare, Saga Furs has continually developed its certification programme to ensure it meets the high standards that go well beyond what the law requires. As a result, Saga Furs has become the trusted partner of the fashion industry in providing sustainable and ethical furs.

The Saga Certification by Finnish Standards, which has been in place since 2005, has evolved in close cooperation with the industry, Finnish authorities, the EU, and veterinarians specialising in fur farming. This very strict and inclusive approach puts fur farming well ahead of other industries with production animals in terms of animal welfare standards.

All of the fox and Finnraccoon pelts sold at Saga Furs auctions, is certified – the farm management system ensured by a third-party auditor. Saga pelts come mainly from European fur farms, which are inspected and in compliance with the Council of Europe’s Recommendation on Fur Farming. Pelts sourced from Finland comply with the National legal requirements for fur farming, which are further complemented by the Saga Certification. Saga Furs is also in the process of increasing its share of certified mink pelts. The first 100% certified mink lot was sold at our auction in March 2017, and continue to be sold at subsequent auctions.

In the autumn of 2018, 96% of the mink, 99% of the fox and 100% of the Finnraccoon production in Finland was certified.

Saga Furs continues to expand its certification process in countries across Europe, as well as to new potential farm suppliers in the US. The company has a cooperation agreement with a third party on verification of Saga Certification process in other countries, including Norway, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands.

Main criteria of the Saga Certification by Finnish Standards with WelFur inside

  1. Animal well-being and health (read more)
    Animal health and welfare are an absolute prerequisite for high-quality animal breeding. On certified fur farms, animal welfare is promoted with immediate and preventive measures.
  1. Conditions for rearing animals
    Safe and stimulating housing, adjusted to the various cycles in the animal’s life, is the fur animal’s most important immediate environment.
  1. Farm hygiene
    A neat and tidy farm environment promotes welfare and comfort for both the animals and the farmer. Proactive measures prevent many ensuing problems.
  1. Breeding
    Healthy and trusting animals form the basis for high-quality breeding. Certified farms do not sell or deliver fur animals to countries which do not meet the requirements set in the Finnish Animal Welfare Act.
  1. Environmental management
    A certified fur farm minimises its impact on the surrounding nature. Detailed provisions for environmental protection are specified in each farm’s environmental permit. In addition, special attention is paid to the correct handling of manure, waste management and the watering system.
  1. Feed management
    The animals are given regularly analysed feed that fulfils their nutritional needs in each production phase. Domestic raw materials are favoured in the feed production, and the entire feed chain is documented.
  1. Training and preparing for exceptional situations
    Fur farming is a profession which requires solid hands-on competence as well as ongoing professional development on an annual basis. A certified farm is well equipped to act also in exceptional situations deviating from day-to-day routines.

Saga Certification in short

  • The Saga Certification scheme was created and is continuously developed with the Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association – FIFUR
  • Criteria include advanced animal health and welfare, breeding, conditions for rearing animals, feed management, farm hygiene, environmental management and training and preparing for exceptional situations
  • Saga Certified farms are monitored and inspected
    • in Finland Luova Ltd. verifies both the Saga Certification audits for FIFUR and WelFur assessments, during the same farm visit
    • outside of Finland Saga Certification audits are done by Saga Furs and WelFur assessments by Baltic Control®
  • Outside of Finland, the Saga Certification process is verified by DNV GL.
  • The Saga Certification with WelFur inside is valid for one year at a time and is then re-audited
  • Saga Furs has a system in place for monitoring which farms are certified


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