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September Auction

September inspection starts on 14.9.2016. The auction is held on 18 - 23.9.2016. 1,3 million mink were offered, 740 000 fox, as well as Finnraccoon among others.


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days: 52

Inspection starts at 16.12.2016
Auction starts at 19.12.2016

Saga Furs launched a new Live Auction service 

You can follow Saga Furs auctions in real time via a new mobile service. The service can be used with a browser on all mobile devices. Operating system specific applications will be available later. Live Auction makes it possible for you to browse catalogue, sales programme and sales reports, make, manage and share online catalogue markings and follow real time auction online with your mobile device.

You can find the new service at liveauction.sagafurs.com

Alliance continues after strong market response

Success is the reason why Saga Furs, American Legend and Fur Harvesters will continue to hold joint March and June auctions again in 2016.


Saga grading system means confidence and trust

Reliability has made the unique Saga Furs Grading System the touchstone of quality behind Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon. The fur and fashion industry has confidence in a system that is vital to business and is recognized as the best in the world.

Value in the Saga Furs label

The Saga Furs label stands for superior quality fur and the responsible practices incorporated in the brand—twin values that have made Saga Furs the most trusted brand in the luxury sector.

The brand identity signals a contemporary look reflecting classic values that are deeply rooted in the Nordic heritage. Consumers recognize everlasting Nordic beauty and the values of responsibility when they see the Saga Furs label.

To complement the Superior and Royal labels, Saga Furs offers a top-of-the-line quality level: Lumi Royal. The label will be awarded only to pelts that are the best of the best. 

Read more about Saga Furs labels >>

Saga Furs Selection

Saga Furs offers the world’s broadest selection of superior furs produced exclusively on regulated European farms. The twin values of top quality products and a strict code of responsibility make Saga Furs the choice of designers around the globe.

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