Certified collection

Saga Furs Oyj encourages its suppliers to commit to the certification system. Our new strategy aims at even tighter integration of certification into the Saga Furs brand.
The company now offers Finnraccoon and fox collections coming exclusively from certified farms.

Farm Certification

Saga Furs Oyj supports the Farm Certification project established by The Finnish Fur Breeders’ Association (STKL) in 2005. Farm Certification requires documentation and continuous development of breeding standards above those contained in European legislation.

The company has a system in place for the daily monitoring of certified farms. In November 2014, 867 farms of the 965 farms in Finland were certified. In November 2013, there were 846 certified farms. 99% of all fox production and of mink production approx. 90%.In order to adjust the system to the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards step by step, STKL cooperates with an external auditing company, Inspecta Sertifiointi Oy (Inspecta Certification Co. Ltd.).

In the financial period that started in November 2014, the company receives fox and Finnraccoon strictly from certified farms. As only about 20% of the company’s mink pelt selection comes from Finland and other mink pelts come from various countries in Europe, offering 100% certified mink pelt selections requires more time for sorting and logistics. The company aims to implement changes in the sorting of mink pelts in the 2015-16 financial and sales period to enable the introduction of the first certified mink pelt selections.

Certification Criteria

Certification criteria address seven main areas that include all activities on fur farms:

1. Well-being and health of the animals
2. Breeding conditions
3. Feed maintenance
4. Breeding
5. Environmental management
6. Farm hygiene
7. Training and preparing for abnormal conditions

To become certified, a farm must meet 32 requirements to be examined and approved by a trained auditor.  A farmer may be given a deadline period to amend any requirements not met and a second audit will be made.