623LOCKER & Saga Furs fashion show the most eye-catching event of the opening day

The annual Haining China International Fashion Week 2019 was successfully organized in Haining China Leather City between 28 June to 1 July. Saga Fur had carried out all-round cooperation with industry associations, universities and well-known fur enterprises to jointly promote the development and upgrading of fur fashion. Fashion show organized together with 623LOCKER became the most eye-catching event on the opening day.

Saga Furs is the only company to work this closely with the creators of fashion. The Saga Furs team of expert craftsmen and design specialists teach product knowledge and new innovative techniques to help designers realize their creative ideas and to add value to their collections.

Inspiration and innovation developed at Saga Furs Design Centre help to promote Saga® Mink, Fox and Finnraccoon on a global scale. This year, by cooperating with the China Leather Association, Haining China Leather City, Nuozhi Co., Ltd. and BIFTPARK HN, Saga Furs explored and promoted the concepts of “young”, “personality” and “sustainability”.

Saga Furs cooperated with 623LOCKER during Haining China International Fashion Week 2019

623LOCKER & Saga Furs fashion show: Meet Gorgeous Fur

Zhejiang Nuozhi Co., Ltd. (was listed in 2015), is a leading leather and fur garment manufacturer and brand in Haining. MaxMara, EMPORIO ARMANI, PORTS and Marisfrolg are all Nuozhi’s clients. Nowadays, Nuozhi has launched its brand collection store “623LOCKER”.

In order to promote the popularity of the store, Nuozhi cooperates with Saga Furs and select Haining China Fashion Week as the place to curtain-up. The booth was more than 100 sqm and looked stylish with the carefully arranged feeling of “urban boutique Pop-up shop”. The capsule fur collection jointly launched by Saga Furs and 623LOCKER was the key of exhibition.

623LOCKER & Saga Furs fashion show: Meet Gorgeous Fur

The 623LOCKER together with Saga Furs, also, had its first fashion show, which became the most eye-catching fashion show on the opening day. The theme for the show was “Meet”. 623LOCKER follows the unbounded and ageless fashion orientation. It is inspired by leisure, urban and street fashion style. It fully expresses the life proposition that reflects individuality and pursues quality.

The show combined the highest quality of Saga fox and mink, and the exquisite craftsmanship and techniques. As a result, the show gave the audience a high-quality fur design feast. Models in the 623LOCKER’s show had a feminine style with tough and powerful core – rich velvet, romantic feather elements, modern silhouettes, and fur trimming jackets perfectly balanced between masculine and feminine.


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