BIFTPARK fur fashion show in Beijing, China, was inspired by the Northern lights

On 25 October, Saga Furs together with BIFTPARK, the leading Chinese design school, unveiled a stunning over 60-piece collection for Fall/ Winter 2018. As always with Saga-organised events, the show was a great success, attracting a rapt audience of around 500 guests. In addition to being a magnet for designers, fashion company representatives, department store buyers and the fur trade in general, the Saga Furs and BIFTPARK fur trend show also attracted around 80 top media reporters, photographers, fashion bloggers and stylists.

The eight collections of the show came from eight Saga Furs’ long-term business partners, including Blue Angle, HAZE&JAMES, KC Fur, Michelle Fur, Osstina, QSZI.1975, YLF, and Zhonghui. In particular, we’d like to highlight the KC Fur collection which was designed and developed by Saga. The KC-Saga capsule collection can be described as haute hippie-vintage, rustic and organic. The collection is aimed at a modern Chinese lady who loves organic materials, hand-crafting and low-key luxury.

Collaboration and innovation bring modern fur for millennials

This year Saga Furs used northern light as the key element to support the fur collections. Northern light is an awesome experience in Finland, as amazing as the Saga fox and mink furs are. All colours, details and vivid furs from stage stood out against varieties and beauties of northern light. Chic, fresh and luxurious, the garments in this year’s show not only showcased their brands’ unique characteristics, but also how modern fur is able to attract new generations: the millennials have become the most important purchase power for fashion and fur.

“The brands behind our Fall/Winter 2018 collection are all top level Chinese fur manufacturers and retailers. The garments on show in Beijing clearly show new ideas and new techniques developed in Saga Furs Design Centre, and have obviously given our partners inspiration to create the most fashionable fur for Chinese market,” said Samantha Vesala, Business Director, Asia at Saga Furs.

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