BIFT, Haining China Leather City and Saga Furs launch the leading fur innovation centre in China

The leading Chinese design school Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology BIFT, Haining China Leather City (HCLC) and Saga Furs will join forces to launch the BIFTPARK Haining branch. The branch, called BIFTPARK-HN, draws from BIFTPARK’s success model, introduces Saga Furs’ training experience in fur handcraft and innovation, and supports Haining and surrounding area’s industrial fur cluster.

“We are building the BIFTPARK-HN into a leading fur training and education academy in Asia, and the fur creative dreamland in the World beside the Saga Furs’ Design Centre in Denmark. Together with BIFT and HCLC we form a strong alliance that will preserve and develop our legacy as the connoisseur of fur craftmanship and innovation”, explains Samantha Vesala, Business Director, Asia at Saga Furs.

The Chinese market is very important to Saga Furs, and the company was the first international auction house to establish an office in China already 30 years ago.

“As we have been part of the developments for decades, we have good grounds to support the Chinese fur tradition and manufacturing. Our know-how in fur craftmanship is based on our strong roots. For example our  Design Centre has been visited since 1988 by over 30,000 guests from all over the world, including Chinese designers and design students”, says Vesala.

BIFTPARK-HN to become a full service-centre in fur

The BIFTPARK-HN will hold its first training in March 2018 for the BIFT students. After the first training, the centre will invite other Chinese design schools, their tutors and students to take part in the trainings. In the future, BIFTPARK-HN will offer also other programmes for example in service fashion and fur industries.

“Within our branches, BIFTPARK-HN has the closest relationship with pioneers and primary units of the industry. We believe we had created a great alliance where Saga’s know-how, Haining’s enormous demand and BIFT’s educational resource will ensure success. These will help Chinese fur and fashion industries in leading in fur innovation and workmanship,” says Wang Qi, Assistant Principal of BIFT and general manager of BIFTPARK.

“It is a great honour to be the host for BIFT and Saga Furs’ fur training and education institution. Haining has advantage in fur manufacturing, wholesale and retailing; but also facing challenge of transition. We need superior resources, such as Saga Furs and BIFTPARK, to settle here to create leap-forward development together,” highlights Zhang Yueming, Chairman of the Board of HCLC.

“With the collaboration with BIFTPARK and HCLC, we are more than pleased to be able to share also our knowledge in sustainable fur production and manufacturing with everyone attending the trainings at BIFTPARK-HN. China is a vastly growing fashion market with lots of innovative design,” concludes Saga Furs’ business director Samantha Vesala.

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