Top Lot buyer Fire Lady Fur in Saga Furs June Auction

Fire Lady Fur bought the Top Lot of Blue Shadow Fox to create an exclusive collection

Fire Lady Fur bought the exclusive Blue Shadow Fox skins for her company Fire Lady Fur. The Top Lot was sold for 1050 euros. Fire Lady Fur has an incredible growth story, since they started the brand in 2017. They have e-commerce store with clientele of demanding young women who have sumptuous taste in fashion and high purchasing power. Today Fire Lady Fur is one of the leading high-end women’s online stores. The company currently employs 60 young professionals, and the team is constantly growing.

Ms. Fu Zhien, the Brand Director of Fire Lady Fur, has always been committed to provide trendy fur collections of high quality for the modern ladies. Brands customers are women from the age group of 25-35 years with with upscale shopping power.

High growth and excellent sales with fox products

Since the establishment, Fire Lady Fur has maintained the growth rate that surprised them. In 2017, Fire Lady Fur had total online sales of 108 million RMB. In 2018, the sales of online sales was 220 million RMB, which was more than double compared to the same period last year.

Among this figures, the fox products accounted for 30% of the total sales; the products of the mutation foxes category was especially excellent. Ms. Fu Zhien believes strongly that they have the potential to approach high-end consumers, and they hope to deepen the cooperation with Saga Furs to communicate with the end consumers of fox in the Chinese market.

Our mission is to create a new fur movement with the theme of young fashionable look and diversification in the Chinese market. Fire Lady Fur wants to provide totally new experience of wearing fur with integrating quality, innovation and craftsmanship.

Special plans with exclusive collection of Top Lot skins

After very tough bidding competition, Ms. Fu Zhien, who already tried to buy the previous Top Lot, succesfully bought the exclusive Blue Shadow Fox skins for Fire Lady Fur. The price reached 1050 euros.

Fire Lade Fur has already plans with the Top Lot skins: they want to create an exclusive collection by working together with Saga Furs’ Design Centre on techniques. In addition, an exclusive customer event for the collection is in their sight for the future.

Fire Lady Fur trusts Saga Furs as reliable source supplier and appreciates Saga’s long history in the fur industry. Fire Lady Fur wants to highlight that Saga is their number one choice.Saga Furs is looking forward for the future collaboration and to see the final exclusive collection made with the Top Lot skins.


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