Alyinvow using Saga Furs fur

Fur company Alyinvow, popular among young and cool Chinese ladies, chooses Saga Furs

Alyinvow was founded in 2009 in China and today it is a company which integrates design, production and sales under the same roof. The company’s main products are fox furs as well as mink and double face furs. The Taobao store with the same name has been really popular among young fashionable ladies since it was launched in 2017. The core customer group is 20 to 30-year-old young ladies, who have a certain pursuit of buying quality clothing and who dare to express themselves.

The company purchased Blue Fox Top Lot at Saga Furs online auction in March 2020 but they also, bought Blue Frost Top Lot in June 2019 auction. We interviewed Aloyinvow and Mr. Pu Xiaoliang, and asked them about the connection to Saga Furs and what quality means to them.

What prompted you to take part in the auction and bid for the Top Lot? How do you plan to use the Top Lot?

Toplot represents the highest quality fur. Participating in the Saga Furs auction and bidding for the Top Lot is the recognition and the pursuit for purchasing luxurious quality. We are planning to use the Top Lot in the design and production of the limited edition collection for the third anniversary of our store.

What kind of relationship you have with the Saga Furs? Why did you choose to participate in Saga Furs auction?

We have insisted on buying fur from the Saga Furs auction for over ten years. The pursuit of buying quality fur from Saga Furs coincides with our business philosophy. We have been working together with the auction house very smoothly and there’s no doubt that we will continue our great cooperation!

Last, but not least. Is there something you would like to add at the end?

We hope that in the future we will have even deeper cooperation with Saga Furs and together we will provide high-quality fur products for consumers.


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