Fur Vision Asia event has established reputation as “the annual must” for designers working with the real fur

Fur Vision Asia has become ‘the annual must event’ in only four years. Fashion designers, brands and students visit Fur Vision event every year to get some inspiration and help with the new collections. They say that Saga Furs really understands Asian market and its development potential.

Visitors encountered an awe-inspiring collection of technique samples and Saga Furs skins at Fur Vision events in China. The gatherings in Beijing on 5-6 November and in Shanghai on 8-9 November drew leading Chinese fashion designers, brands, design schools, media, famous bloggers, KOLs and fur trade partners.

At Saga Furs we were happy to see same people attending this year’s event again. Even though it’s just the fourth time Fur Vision has been staged in China, some Chinese brands and designers consider Fur Vision as “the annual must” and have not missed a single one event!

They treat us as the most trusted partner or even a friend you could say, and share what they had done since the last Fur Vision and what they are planning for the next season. They say they feel that Saga Furs Design Centre really understands the Chinese market’s present situation, the potential and its development tendency.


Fur Vision Asia event has something to offer for every visitor

This year Fur Vision brought together people from different business areas. Beside a significant amount of lady’s wear brands and designers, Fur Vision has attracted some new guests from men’s wear, shoes, bag, scarf and some other accessories design and manufacture. Some of them have already used fur in their products but feel they really need to improve the quality and the design; others have interest in fur and came to Fur Vision for discovering the potential of the material. None of them left with disappointment.

Fur Vision guests were impressed by a full assortment of Saga® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon skins as well as the latest technique samples. Also Saga team’s professional explanation and information about the samples, skins and techniques offered major benefits for them. “We should come to Fur Vision earlier. Our high-level customers like fur, not only high quality fur, but also fashionable fur,” one famous men’s wear designer said.

“We are so glad to see designers come to Fur Vision with actual questions and how they turn to us to find solutions. It means they are willing to design and create unique fur styles,” says Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director for Asia. “We have confidence that Saga Furs’ professional know-how allied with designers’ ingenious ideas for fur will be welcomed by more and more fashion-forward consumers.”


Saga Furs’ sustainability program drives attention and brings confidence among wider audience

Beijing and Shanghai Fur Vision also attracted stylists’, KOLs’ and media’s attention. One major topic for them is the fur type. They want to know the characteristics of mink and fox, and why Saga’s techniques can make fur lighter and more comfortable in use. They felt the knowledge learned at Fur Vision was important and would help them to share more professional and interesting things about fur with their fans in the future.

Some Fur Vision guests were anxious about some brands and designers going fur free, and they were happy to hear about the benefits of Saga Furs sustainability program incl. Saga Certification and traceability. “By being a front runner in Farm Certification and offering 100 % certified collections, Saga Furs have supported designers and brands in using sustainable fur already for decades. We bring faith and confidence to the fashion industry,” says Samantha Vesala.


First Fur Vision event organized also in Tokyo, Japan

The first Fur Vision event in Tokyo gathered around 40 visitors raging from designers, retail, manufacturers and selected shops. In general guests were really interested in Saga’s technique samples and they saw it as a good opportunity for brain-storming ideas and preparing for their new collections.

Also Hong Kong and Seoul had successful Fur Vision events with lots of visitors, also media, influencers and design students, among people coming from the retail and manufacture.