Good demand for North American mink collection

Today Saga Furs auction continued with the sale of North American collection including premium BLACKGLAMA mink, Black, Mahogany, Pastel and Palomino mink.

BLACKGLAMA males were sold under strong competition and achieved 70% clearance. Main buying was done by China with support from Greece. Travel restrictions and lack of support from Korea resulted in low demand for females. It is to be noted that the price of the exclusive pelts remains at a very low level.

North American Black mink collection was almost 100% sold in a pretty active auction room. Pastels and Mahogany also achieved high clearance levels and were mainly sold to China with support from Turkey. The sale concluded today with the offering of North American Palomino minks.

Saga Furs has sold more than 2 million mink during the first three days of the auction, which will continue tomorrow with the sale of European main type males and Palomino mink.