The March auction concluded with firm Pearl and Cross Mink sales

The Saga Furs March auction concluded today with the sale of Pearl female Mink and Cross type Mink. The offering was sold at firm prices compared to recent European levels. China was again the dominant buyer.

During the 7-day auction 800,000 Saga Fox and Finnraccoon skins and 3.3 million Saga Mink skins were offered to an international crowd of 600 buyers. The uncertainty of the mink market, following the most recent international auction, affected the results. The fact that the Saga Furs March offering was 90% sold at almost firm prices compared to recent European levels helped to restore the confidence.

The next Saga Furs auction will be held from 8 to 15 June 2018, with an estimated offering of 4.0 million Saga Mink and 700,000 Saga Fox and Finnraccoon.