NAUMI Fall/Winter 2019 collection unveil unique and certified Saga Furs Arctic Finnraccoon

The new collection NAUMI Fall/Winter 2019 was presented in Moscow on 24 Feb 2019 to around 200 excited buyers coming from all over Russia. The collection brought out certified Saga Furs Arctic Finnraccoon and design techniques from Saga Design Centre. Fashion show was supported by NAUMI brand presentation along with Saga Furs presentation highlighting sustainability, certification and traceability.

NAUMI is Russian fashion brand offering down coats and sporty ski wear to women and children, in the future also to men in full assortment. NAUMI is all about natural materials with down coming from Siberian goose and fur from certified farms offered by Saga Furs auction. The collection is focusing on Russian market and Russian customers. NAUMI has its own online store, but collection is also sold in other multibrand stores around Russia, including top department store TSUM in Moscow.


The Founder and Creative Director Svetlana Naumova presented her new NAUMI Fall/Winter 2019 collection in Moscow last Sunday to around 200 excited buyers coming from all over Russia. The event was organized strategically on Sunday, just before the CPM Moscow ready-to-wear fair to attract as much as possible fashion buyers visiting Moscow. NAUMI presentation was huge success with room full of buyers and collection getting good feedback and lots of orders.


NAUMI choosing Saga Furs as a partner thanks to sustainability aspect and inspiration provided to fashion designers

Saga Furs has been partnering with NAUMI for several years and Svetlana Naumova has visited Saga Design Centre. “Based on the inspiration and technique training offered to designer during the trip she bought almost full certified Arctic Finnraccoon offering from Saga Furs auction, which you can get only in limited quantities. Now the unique fur and Saga techniques along with designers’ own twist were presented to full room of Russian fashion buyers”, explains Dmitri Larionov, Business Manager, East Europe from Saga Furs.



Fashion show was supported by NAUMI brand presentation and Dmitri Larionov’s presentation on Saga Furs sustainability, certification, traceability and inspiration which make Saga Furs the number one choice for many fashion designers.


Please check the video from collection presentation below.