Royal Gift, the Chinese high-end online fashion retail bought the Top Lot of Blue Frost fox

In 15th September 2020, Royal Gift from Chinese high-end online fashion retail store FangFang Fur succesfully bought the exclusive Saga Furs Blue Frost Fox top lot.

Since the established in 2008, FangFang Fur has been integrating development, design and production. They are focusing on online retail of high-end fashion fur series, main products are fox, mink and other luxury fur garment and accessories.

FangFang Fur’s key customers are urban fashionable ladies who have personal unique taste and looking for high quality fashion. According the company research, their VIP customers are very sensitive in fashion, always wear the latest trendy items, and many of them buy new fur pieces every season. Fur always are the most favorite winter clothes in their wardrobe.


Special plans with exclusive collection of Top Lot skins and Saga Design Centre’s techniques

FangFang Fur has already plans with the Top Lot skins: they want to create 2-3 short fox coats by working together with Saga Furs Design Centre and use Saga techniques.

FangFang Fur trusts Saga Furs as reliable source supplier and appreciates Saga’s long history in the fur industry. They started using Saga’s fox in 2010. Since that they had been used Blue fox, Blue Shadow fox, Golden Island fox, Cross fox and other primary mutation foxes for their products.

At the early years they purchased Saga Furs skins from local skin dealers, but in 2015 they started to buy skins from the auction house through a broker. In 2016, FangFang Fur took part in the Top lot bidding at the first time and won the Blue fox Top lot. You can read more about it here. This September Auction is the third time that Fangfang, the shop owner, participated in Saga Furs auction by herself.


Saga Furs has the broadest selection of superior furs and delivers the assurance of quality, transparency and sustainability that consumers demand. In recent years, our fox products sales has increased rapidly, and we accordingly attend Saga auction more frequently. By Saga Furs Top lot programme, we can learn the latest Saga techniques, and combine them with our design. This way FangFang Fur’s products are able to gain the competitive edge,” says FangFang.