Fire Lady Fur and Saga Furs in children's charity project

Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur in collaboration for the children’s charity project in Zhejian Province, Midland China

Fire Lady Fur and Saga Furs worked together to launch a public welfare activity that carried the name: “hand in hand to pass love”. The aim of this children’s charity project was to give underprivileged families and especially their children supplies to improve their everyday life and future.

Representatives of Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur drove to the mountain area of Lishui in Zhejiang Province in China and visited the local primary school and homes of the children, bringing them warm fox earmuffs and school supplies. Companies visited together some underprivileged children’s families in the poor rural area and donated some necessaries of life, such as rice, flour, grain and oil. They also supported children’s studies by offering them school supplies.

Saga Furs is an enterprise with strong social responsibility practices. Saga Furs introduced the industry’s first CSR policy. Also, Saga Furs lead the industry by joining the United Nations Global Compact initiative for responsible corporate policies. Over the years, Saga Furs has been committed to the sustainable development of fur. Moreover, Saga Furs also pays attention to employees from different countries and social vulnerable groups.

Supporting social vulnerable groups and practicing charity has always been close to the heart of Ms. Fu Zhien, the Brand Director of Fire Lady Fur, a loyal partner of Saga Furs in China.

Securing the Top Lot in Saga Furs’ June Auction started the charity cooperation

This cooperation began when Fire Lady Fur successfully secured the Top Lot in June 2019. This created the opportunity for further cooperation between Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur and as both Saga Furs and Fire Lady Fur, share similar values, this type of cooperation was easy step for both to take.

“The process of helping left behind children gives me such a sense of love and positive energy. I wish to spread love and gratitude within the scope of my ability; we also wish to call out for more people to care for children in need!” Ms. Fu Zhien said.

“As a pioneer in the sustainable fur, Saga Furs supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched by the United Nations with the aim of a more equitable world by 2030. Among them, care for vulnerable groups is an indispensable part. As far as we know, there are many poor families in China, who are fighting outside to create a better life. Their left behind children also need to be cared for by all sectors of society. We hope this public welfare activity we like to call “hand in hand to pass love” jointly created by Ms. Fu Zhien can start a prairie fire and send warmth and love to groups in need of care and help. “said Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director Asia.