Saga Furs customer seminars restart in Haining, China

Under the background of China COVID-19’s good control, Saga Furs has set the sail again, and organized a three-day fur seminar covering different topics during different days. The event was organized in Haining, the forefront city of fur fashion in China, which has received strong support and positive response from customers in Zhejiang.

Haining has been in the forefront of the industry in the transformation and upgrading of fur industry. Here, many young entrepreneurs and designers, especially in recent years the booming online sales channels, have injected more vitality into Haining and cultivated many excellent Internet talents including fashion bloggers.

According to the specific needs of different target groups of the fur industry, the three days seminar focused every day on different themes and key contents. In the skin dealer’s seminar on May 18, Saga Furs focused on the production changes and price trends of the international fur industry in the past 10 years and the forecast for the next two years for more than 60 skin dealers. The detailed and objective data analysis provided more rational thinking for their next purchase plans.

On May 19 the seminar focused on the explanation and exhibition of different Fur Techniques. Around 50 local production enterprises were invited to the seminar which brought a great inspiration to their new product development in 2021. Saga Furs also organized a mini show, which showed the popular elements of different times in the past decade, and specially highlighted the popular trends of 2021 in fur techniques.

The first online brand interactive Salon of Saga Furs was set on May 20, 2021. The Salon seminar focused on the new Saga Furs Creative Hub, which showed more history behind the design for brands and helped retail brands pass more fur stories in the communication with consumers. The concept of sustainability of Saga Furs has won the approval and recognition of active online brands and has been actively forwarded and promoted by various brands.

In the exchange with the new generation of online brands in the leading position in the industry, such as Alyinvow, Fire lady, Mandy Shen, Ms beast, both sides have a deeper understanding and mutual inspiration. Through this interactive exchange, Saga Furs and the online industry chain have achieved accurate docking, and we look forward to opening a new vision of fur world that is more in line with the contemporary temperament for China’s fur industry in the future close cooperation.

Due to that COVID-19 has blocked the international travelling, Saga Furs CEO Magnus Ljung, Business Director Samantha Vesala and the Head of the Saga Furs Creative Hub Ms. Leena Harkimo could not be in the seminar in person. However, thanks to the vigorous development of the Internet, they joined the seminar online. This seminar was highly praised and warmly spread by customers from all aspects of the fur industry, which has brought a positive and optimistic start to the fur industry in 2021.

We at Saga Furs want to say thank you and we really appreciate the positive support from our partners and look forward to working closely with you in the future!