Saga Furs deepens cooperation with LÉTRANS fashion brand

Saga Furs with its deep roots in Nordics and Chinese fashion brand LÉTRANS focusing on Nordic minimalism are continuing the collaboration. LÉTRANS visited Finland and Saga Furs during June auction with a mission to learn more about the Nordic way of living and to polish their brand core as a result.

Only few ears ago, in 2019, just before the global pandemic, was established LÉTRANS, Chinese fashion brand. Surprisingly, maybe, the company takes inspiration from the Nordic minimalism, wants to promote sustainable way of living and support slow fashion. The company focuses on quality fabrics, natural materials, as well as quality design and production.

Behind the brand are strong women, who want to create collections for independent women alike, women who want to educate themselves and make their own life decisions. With ambition targets LÉTRANS has doubled the sales during pandemic year after year, and planning now to open physical stores to support their online sales.

“LÉTRANS uses Saga Furs fur and labels. Especially garments made of Saga Furs’ foxes are something that our young customers like a lot. Our mission it to become the number one fur design brand in China, but we would love to see our products on international customers too one day”, says Ms. Hu Ran, General Director of LÉTRANS.


Trying to understand the lifestyle of women in the Nordics

Based on sales results in all major Chinese online platforms and continuously increasing number of followers in China, slow fashion and Nordic simplicity have been a good focus point for their collections and marketing. But since LÉTRANS aims for the best they wanted to visit Finland and to learn more Saga Furs and the Nordic way of living.

During well planned stay in Finland LÉTRANS visited not only Saga Furs headquarters with auction, warehouse and Creative Hub, but they also bid for the Silver Fox Top Lot,  put aside time to discuss sustainability, the concept of slow fashion, to make some interviews and video footage from the company. They visited Helsinki City Center, the picturesque old town of Porvoo, Finnish countryside with sauna and lake, as well as had time to introduce their company for Saga Furs’ employees and to talk with female employees about their way of living, as well as their impression of LÉTRANS brand and products.

“LÉTRANS is a very interesting company with a fresh view, which brings in new selling channels and product design ideas which are crucial in developing fur business further. I think their visit to Finland and the chance to spend time with our employees was a win-win for both. It’s interesting to be able to help each other, inspire each other and, also, to learn to understand different cultures and how things are developing in terms of sustainability, design, sales and customer behavior, in order to drive fur sales”, says Samantha Vesala, Business Director, Marketing and Customer Relations.

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