Saga Furs Design and Technique Training Programme launches at BIFTPARK-HN

With a long history in fur craftmanship and design, Saga Furs is taking the next step in spreading the fur innovation and know-how further. The BIFTARK-HN’s Fur Design and Technique Programme introduces modern fur techniques in China –  the techniques that have been developed during the 30-year history of Saga’s product development.


The leading Chinese design school Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology BIFT, Haining China Leather City (HCLC) and Saga Furs have launched BIFTPARK Haining branch – BIFTPARK-HN. After 10 months of renovation and preparation the Saga Furs Design and Technique Training Programme started at the Saga Lab on 10 April 2018. This marks the official opening of BIFTPARK-HN.

The one-week Design and Technique Programme is tutored by Saga Furs Design Centre experts, master furrier Per Reinkilde and furrier Sara During. Twenty students from BIFT comprise the first trainees to have the opportunity learn the most creative fur techniques and concepts in the Saga Lab in China – the techniques which were previously taught only at Saga Furs Design Centre in Denmark.

“BIFTPARK-HN will be a leading fur training and education academy in Asia, as well as a foremost creative hub for fur craftsmanship. The BIFT and HCLC partnership will preserve and develop Saga Furs’ legacy as the frontrunner in fur craftmanship and innovation”, says Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director, Asia.

Long history in creative design

The other Saga Furs tutor Per Reinkilde has been a part of Saga’s product development team since the Design Centre’s opening in 1988. For 30 years, Per has been teaching top designers, fashion brands and young designers fur creativity and innovation. The long history has made Design Centre the master mind behind modern fur creation, and Saga is very happy to support  BIFTPARK-HN’s training programmes and other industry service programmes. Also the BIFTPARK team members were carefully selected, all having a master’s degree in fashion. They will work with the Saga Furs team to be the backbone of the Fur Design and Technique Programme at the Saga Lab.

BIFTPARK-HN will exclusively use Saga Royal and Saga mink, fox and Finnraccoon, and all skins will be of the highest standard according to Saga Furs grading. “All techniques developed at Saga Furs Design Centre need to use the best quality skins. In this way, we teach techniques that preserve the skin’s quality during the production process,” says Per Reinkilde.


Training creative talents for the future

The goal of BIFTPARK-HN’s training programme is to foster creativity in young designers. Students not only get basic knowledge and training, but also have the opportunity to express creative freedom.
“When young designers and students aren’t confined by rules and regulations, they can really create a new way of using fur. Many ideas for Saga Furs techniques have come from young designers. I look forward to seeing the new innovative ideas that will be generated from this collaborative fur hub,” says Reinkilde.

The first training programme is dedicated to BIFT students but the next one will invite other Chinese design schools to participate. The programmes are developed further to include studies for example in service fashion and fur industries.

“Our know-how of fur craftmanship is based on a strong tradition of innovation in fur. We are excited to also share our wealth of knowledge in sustainable fur production and manufacturing with those attending the trainings at BIFTPARK-HN. As such a vastly growing fashion market, China is uniquely positioned to be a hub for innovation in the fur industry,” concludes Samantha Vesala.


Mr Wang Qi, Assistant President of BIFT (left), Mrs Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director Asia, Mr Ma Shengjie, President of BIFT and Mr Zha Jialin, Vice-GM of Haining China Leather City at the opening event of the Biftpark-HN Saga Lab.


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