Sustainability and innovation in the spotlight at Beijing Fur Fair 2018

2018 Beijing international Fur and Leather Products Exhibition (BIFE) drew favorable attendance and about 150 domestic and international exhibitors from the industry. With the new concept for combining the fur trade and fashion world under the one roof, more fashion designers were invited joining the event. Once again, the Saga Furs booth was the focal point for sourcing top quality sustainable materials and innovation to enhance businesses.

Saga Furs’ booth featured a full assortment of Saga® Fox, Mink and Finnraccoon skins. For the first time at the fair, Saga presented a collection of technique samples that incorporated with runway pieces from top fashion brands to visualized how Saga techniques influence the world of fashion. Many visitors were full of curiosity when they saw the top brands’ fur collections. Now they finally understood why they looked so amazing.

Saga Furs’ achievements in fur innovation were again in the spotlight, as innovation spurs business. The auction house’s reputation for putting sustainability and responsibility at the forefront adds another dimension of value for designers and clothing companies.

An encouraging note was the sign of increasing activities from the Russian market. This year’s fair drew more visitors from the region than last two years.

Beijing Sustainability Initiative opportunities for a better future

The economic situation in the main market areas is challenging, fur trade must reform and improve to create more opportunities. Sustainability, which Saga Furs has been in the leading role for many years, was the key topic in BIFE. During the fair, the fur trade announced Beijing Sustainability initiative: hereby agree that the trade will display responsible, rational and efficient behavior on a daily basis, at work or at home, to adhere to the Rules of Sustainable Development, to leave the world a better place for the generations to come.

During the Panel Discussions, Samantha Vesala, Saga Furs’ Business Director for Asia, introduced Saga’s achievement and further plans in sustainability and explained, “By being a front runner in Farm Certification and offering 100% Certified collections, Saga Furs shows how we have supported sustainable development for decades. We are willing to share our experience with trade and working with our partners together to create beautiful and sustainable futures.”

The fair is held on 16-19 January in the China Convention Center, Beijing.

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