Saga Furs June auction started with Fox and Finnraccoon

Saga Furs June auction started today with the selling of Finnraccoon. The offering was 80 % sold and the best goods fetched clear price premiums. Finnracoon was mainly purchased by the European fashion industry.

Continuing challenges in the Russian economy affected the fox sale, as Russia has been the main market for the fox types offered today. Silver fox was almost 80 % sold at 10-15 % easier prices compared with March levels. Blue Frost fox was also 80 % sold at 15 % easier prices. Various other fox types met selective demand. Today’s main buying came from European buyers.

The Saga® Lumi Royal Top Lot of Blue Frost fox was bought by Pellicceria Francetich, Italy.

The auction will continue tomorrow with the selling of Blue and Blue Shadow fox.

Jun 8, 2016