Saga Furs leads industry with 100% certified mink offering

Saga Furs today leads the fur and fashion industry with its new offering of 100% certified mink pelts. As the only Auction company with a comprehensive certification programme and the first to be able to offer fully certified mink, Saga Furs is well positioned as the industry benchmark for sustainability.

Responding to the demand from global brands and the next generation of consumers on sustainability and animal welfare, Saga Furs has continually developed its certification program to ensure it meets the high standards way beyond of what law requires.

Speaking at the March auction, Saga Furs CEO, Pertti Fallenius says:
“Over a number of years, Saga Furs has invested strongly in the development and implementation of sustainable and transparent fur farming practices, working closely with farmers to upgrade and improve their operations to comply with the quality requirements that go into our Saga Certification. And we don’t want to be alone in this; we’re trying to bring the whole industry along with us.”
The sale is considered as a great milestone by the fashion industry.

“FENDI has always worked to constantly elevate the level of compliance and transparency of its supply chain”, says Fredric Munoz, COO of FENDI. “We are proud to be here today in Helsinki, with our historical partner Saga Furs, to support the very first auction with mink lots 100% coming from Saga certified farms”.

Saga Certification is a unique farm management system, based on Finnish standards, producing the highest level of animal welfare. The Saga certification will incorporate Welfur protocol in the future, which is an additional science-based animal welfare assessment. This is a welcomed addition to the Saga Certification program that’s been running since 2005.

Saga furs has been selling only 100% certified Fox and Finnraccoon for over five years and March is the first offering of this kind for mink. The start of the 100% certified mink is moving the farming community to higher standards and is an additional guarantee of animal welfare compliance.

FENDI, as the leading luxury house with a unique and exclusive artisanal know how on fur, is strongly committed to guarantee to its customers worldwide, the highest level of animal welfare compliance for its exceptional fur products”. Mr Munoz concludes.