Saga Furs mink auction started with a 100 % Silverblue sale

Saga Furs March auction kicked-off today in a packed auction room with over 600 buyers participating from all markets. Today’s offering of over a half a million Saga® Silverblue mink was 100 % sold at firm prices compared with recent international levels. Buying was dominated by China and Hong Kong with good support from Korea, Russia and the European fashion industry.

Responding to the requirements of both the global fashion brands and consumers, we will offer 100% Saga certified minks for sale on Monday 6 March. As the only auction company with a comprehensive certification programme and the first to be able to offer fully certified mink lots, Saga Furs is well positioned as the industry benchmark for sustainability.  Lots will be available in White, Brown, Black and Mahogany mink in both males and females. We are very proud to make this historic offering available which also showcases Saga Furs’ long term commitment to sustainability.

The auction will continue tomorrow with the selling of Sapphire, White and Pearl mink.