Saga Furs presents innovation and ethical responsibility at Fur Europe’s Summer School

The third annual Summer School, arranged by Fur Europe the Brussels-based arm of the International Fur Federation, provided an excellent platform for Saga Furs to instruct participants about inventive new techniques in quality fur and the company’s pioneering efforts in ethical practices.

The mid-August seminar was arranged by the Greek Fur Federation and held in and around Kastoria, Greece, the center of that country’s fur industry. The attendees were students from all the links in the fur supply chain.

“Saga Furs is always present in important international initiatives to support the global fur awareness among young people,” says Sophia Kourkopoulos. As the head of Saga activities in Greece, she also gave an address outlining the auction company’s operations in general, with specific emphasis on Greece.

Transparency & Technique

Saga’s communication manager Rebecca Reinkilde gave participants an in-depth briefing about Farm Certification and the values of transparency initiated by the company.

Per Reinkilde, Saga’s product development manager, told about the broad selection of fur types sold at action, explained quality standards the company adheres to, and presented innovative craft techniques his department has shared with the creators of fur for more than three decades.

Both presentations were warmly received and piqued the interest of participants, who followed with a valuable Q&A session.

“Many young people are very interested in fur, not only at the design end of the trade, but all the way from fur breeding to the end consumer,” says Per Reinkilde. “This seminar provides them with a worthwhile opportunity they can use as a starting point of, or to further, a career in fur.”