Saga Furs held seminars in China’s fur capital Haining

On May 15 and 16, Saga Furs held two large-scale seminars in Haining, China’s fur and leather capital. The event included seminars, showroom and mini fashion show. The event received strong support and positive feedback from trade partners in Haining and its surrounding areas.

Young designers looking for creative inspiration and brand building

Relying on Haining China Leather City, Haining is at the forefront in the process of changing and developing of the fur industry. There are more and more young entrepreneurs and designers in great need of brand building, information about the latest fashion trends and creative inspiration to their businesses.


Saga held a mini fashion show to showcase nine collections developed together with designers

The strong demand in this region meant Saga Furs had a great opportunity to showcase the latest developments of the Saga Furs grading system and the international fur production. In addition, to sharing the latest information from Saga Furs June auction. As a trend update in the fur industry, Saga Furs presented the eight biggest trends from the AW19 shows to the audience. Saga Furs’ indicated how its new techniques and creative ideas have influenced fashion trends seen on catwalks. Saga Furs also set up a showroom and held a mini fashion show. Fashion show shared nine collections developed by Saga and nine cutting-edge designers.

Many business owners, production managers, and designers attended the event. Saga received positive feedback and it was said that the seminar was very beneficial. Many people expressed their interest in cooperation with Saga, and finding new breakthroughs for the current bottleneck situation.


Active discussion with major brokers and skin dealers during seminars

On the last day of the seminars, Saga Furs mainly invited representatives of major brokers and skin dealers from Haining and surrounding areas. Among the representatives were not only long-time business partners, but also some newcomers who have just entered the business, full of curiosity and interest in the Saga Furs auction.

Jari Salmela, Product Manager and Auctioneer of Saga Furs, explained the latest developments in the Saga Furs grading system. Mikko Hoven, Sales Director and Auctioneer of Saga Furs, introduced the current state of international fur production and shared the latest information from the Saga Furs June auction. Many guests also discussed hot topics with the Saga team and expressed their needs and suggestions.


Positive atmosphere and strong optimism towards the industry at Haining

During the event Saga’s team arranged a raffle. Prize was a travel luggage for international travelers. The raffle created a delightful atmosphere on the spot and activated guest. This fun part of the seminar shortened the distance between guests and the host.

“We at Saga Furs are delighted about the positive atmosphere at Haining. Even if many of the main fur markets are facing a very challenging season, optimism is very strong in these events. Haining is setting an example of developing fashionable fur to all markets,” said Mrs. Samantha Vesala, Asia Business Director, at Saga Furs.

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