Saga Furs Uses Recycled Heat

Saga Furs’ premises have now been heated with recycled heat since the beginning of the year! Recycled heat is 100% renewable energy that has 0 kg/MWh of CO2 emissions. “Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important part of our business and by changing to recycled heat we wanted to make an ecological choice, help save the environment, and have a say in what kind of energy we produce and use in Finland,” says Mr. Mika Mustonen, Maintenance Manager at Saga Furs. At the new waste-to-energy plant of Saga Furs’ contract partner, Vantaan Energia, about half of district heat produced is recycled; the plant processes unrecyclable rubbish into heat and electricity. When heat and electricity are produced together, the emissions caused by the energy production are nearly halved. Recycled energy is an environmentally friendly, sustainable way of producing heat.

Saga Furs is a pioneer in sustainability within the fur industry and reports company responsibility annually. The company encourages all its stakeholders to comply with sustainable principles in their business.

Feb 11, 2016