Saga Furs welcomes Kevin Douse

The Saga Furs’ team is excited to have a new member on board. Mr Kevin Douse will be joining us as Senior Business Advisor starting 15 November 2017. He will be working in farmer, sales and trade related areas in the European and North American farmer and trade services, working also across other teams. Kevin is based in the UK and will report to Julio Suarez Christiansen.

Kevin Douse is a highly respected member of the fur trade community with a career spanning several decades. He is well known by both buyers and shippers having wielded the Gavel in London, Frankfurt, New York, Helsinki, Seattle and latterly Toronto. “Kevin is not only among the best auctioneers in the world, but has a deep and wide knowledge of the trade and the rancher community in many areas and markets. As a key person of our trade, we are delighted that he accepted our invitation to join our team”, says Saga Furs CEO Pertti Fallenius.

Mr Douse has also a vast experience in the North American skins. “Kevin has the trust and respect of the North American ranchers. With the new team member and our recent active approach in the North American market we hope to ensure North American ranchers that Saga is a strong and solid auction house to market their skins,” says Saga Furs’ business director Julio Suarez Christiansen.