Saga Furs x Romeo Hunte – Unveiling the second Capsule from FV24

Saga Furs, renowned for delivering the world’s finest and certified fur pelts, partners with the trailblazing designer Romeo Hunte New York to present an extraordinary Capsule collection as part of Saga Furs’ Fur Vision 24 collection. Embracing the essence of African American heritage and the dynamic spirit of New York City, this collection redefines fur fashion for the modern era.

Accessories, inherently more versatile and often more budget-friendly, provide an entry point for many young individuals. It’s no surprise that for many, their first encounter with fur is through a playful pompom, be it attached to their keys, bag, or hat. Naturally, our aim was to craft a collection that stands out, something unexpectedly delightful and not only a pompom.

Introducing the Saga Furs x Romeo Hunte Capsule Collection

Romeo Hunte’s distinct vision takes center stage in the Accessories capsule, showcasing standout elements such as denim jeans adorned with brick intarsia, drawing inspiration from the iconic New York subway. “The city is a major influence on my designs, whether it’s through subway motifs or city-themed color palettes,” explains Romeo Hunte regarding this unique collection.

Remaining true to Hunte’s iconic style, the collection combines vibrant hues, refined aesthetics, and an unmistakable edge. Tailored to appeal to a younger demographic and addressing the demands of Asian markets, this fur collection resonates.

Contrary to typical accessory expectations, this collection comprises seven thoughtfully crafted items designed to seamlessly complement each other. From pairing jeans with a tank top to combining Timberland boots with cozy socks, the ensemble is completed with a paper bag-inspired handbag, backpack, and hat. The collection was manufactured by Funtastic Furs Inc. in New York.

About the designer and the brand: Romeo Hunte

Romeo Hunte New York stands as a lifestyle apparel brand celebrated for its meticulous craftsmanship and groundbreaking design. The Romeo Hunte individual personifies confidence, innovation, and a profound appreciation for the arts and pop culture.

With a prestigious clientele that includes celebrities such as Zendaya and Beyoncé, Romeo Hunte’s designs have captured the attention of icons including Lewis Hamilton, Idris Elba, and Michelle Obama. In 2021, Vogue featured Romeo Hunte in an article titled, “How Romeo Hunte Is Quietly Redefining What It Means to Be an American Brand.” And now, he designed a Capsule for Saga Furs Fur Vision collection, further solidifying his impact on the global fashion stage.

Tap and Trace – Full Traceability at Your Fingertips

Each sample in the Fur Vision 24 collection is equipped with a label with RFID technology, allowing people to have full transparency to the product’s value chain right at their fingertips.

The Saga Trac tool lists the country and farm of origin, details of the manufacturing process and also introduces the designers behind the capsule collections. This applies also to Saga Furs x Romeo Hunte Capsule Collection samples.

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