Saga Furs December auction marked the beginning of the 2018/19 season

Saga Furs December auction started today with the selling of certified Finnraccoon. The auction is attended by more than 200 buyers with all main markets well represented. Finnraccoon  was 100 % sold under good competition at slightly easier prices compared with September auction. Main buying European fashion industry and Russia with support from Korea and China.

Blue Frost fox was almost 100 % sold at firm to slightly easier prices. Main buying today came from European fashion industry and China with good support from Turkey and Russia.

Silver fox and small collection of various mutation foxes were selectively sold. Main buying from Korea, Turkey, Russia and fashion industry. The positive news today was that demand for fox and Finnraccoon for trimming and combinations continues in all markets and buying was well spread.

A collection of farmed Sable was also offered today. Where sold, prices were strong compared with recent international levels.

The Finnraccoon Top Lot was bought by Fur Finland OÜ on behalf of Öruc Kurk for 400 Euros and the Sable Top Lot by CBF Centro Belfurs Diffusion on behalf of Malamati for 720 Euros.

The auction will conclude tomorrow with the selling of Saga® Blue Shadow fox and Blue fox.