Silverlblue Top Lot buyers from Korea

Silverblue Velvet Top Lot bought by Jindo Co., Ltd. from Korea

The silverblue velvet pelt Top Lot was purchased by Jindo Co., Ltd. from Korea. Jindo began their business in 1988. Since then they have been the leading fur retail brand, providing high quality fur garments. They have more than 200 department stores in Korea. Jindo is considered a luxury fur brand. Jindo targets customers in their 30s to 50s who value the quality, legacy and trend in fashion.

Shon Han, Director, of Fur Planning and Merchandising Division says, purchasing the Top Lot at Saga Furs has a prominent meaning to them, as Saga is one of the best auction house in the world. Saga offers nice quality, reliable grading and trustworthy service to customers. Jindo’s customers love garments made with Saga Furs’ skins. I believe that a combination of Jindo’s design and Saga’s skin quality create strong demand in the market.

According to Shon Han, Jindo has purchased skins from Saga for a long time partly because Jindo’s customers recognise the quality and love the garments made by Saga skin. “This means we have to come to every auction!”, Shon Han says.

Clear plans for the Top Lot skins

Jindo also has a very clear picture what they want to do with the exclusive collection of the silverblue velvet pelts: “We will produce special garments with the Top Lot skins and use them for media promotion to boost Jindo’s value in Korea.”

“Jindo has been one of Saga Furs longest standing business partners and this goes beyond a business relationship, as we are also a dear friends. We always feel happy to get on the plane when coming to Helsinki!”


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