Soft Gold Russia Fur Trade Fair and the city of Pyatigorsk on a mission to become the fur capital of Russia

The 3rd International Fur Trade Fair “Soft Gold of Russia” took place in Pyatigorsk, South of Russia, on 15-18 April 2019. The fair brought hundreds of buyers from all parts of Russia and around 150 fur exhibitors from Russia, Turkey and Greece.

Pyatigorsk is a rather small city in southern Russia, located between five mountains and where the city’s name is derived from (Russian words “пять гор” means five mountains). Pyatigorsk is one of the oldest spa resorts in Russia thanks to its mineral springs. The city is a mix of different cultures and ethnicities, and where it is easy to forget you really are in Russia.

Pyatigorsk has been evolving into the fur manufacturing center of Russia with more than 60 local manufacturers and decades of experience working with lamb skins for example. Recently manufacturers have started using also mink and fox skins and just in three years Soft Gold has become a really serious Fur Trade Fair, just like Kastoria in Greece, with the ambitious mission of becoming the fur capital of Russia, or maybe even the whole world one day.

The exhibition was held with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Stavropol Region, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Stavropol Region, the Russian Fur Union and the Association of Turkish Leather Manufacturers.



Soft Gold fair surprised with it’s international and active atmosphere

The stands of different brands and exhibitors looked really fancy and professional compared to last year and there were good number of visitors at the exhibition area. Behind closed doors of each booth buyers and other quests were enjoying mini fashion shows, excellent service and tasty local delicacies. Overall the atmosphere was positive, and many exhibitors told they got good feedback about their collection and already got some orders.

Fashion show and gala opening on Monday night brought full room of excited guests actively filming everything on their phones and cameras. During the show guests were able to enjoy the presentation of 19 brands along with live jazz music, talented opera singers singing a piece of a song from famous opera La travialta and fireworks.



Saga Furs’ seminar and booklets about sustainability were in demand

Beside Saga Furs booth Dmitri Larionov also held a seminar about Saga Furs auction, Saga Certification, traceability and latest trends. Despite several simultaneous mini fashion shows inside differend booths and exhibitors being busy making orders, many people came to listen presentation.

“At Saga Furs we were delighted to see people interest towards our seminar, sustainability booklets which we brought and, also, see our hangtags and booklets in use when exhibitors were talking to the buyers. Soft Gold has taken huge step during past year and this years’ event was an important meeting place for everyone working in this industry. I was happy to hear and see that exhibitors were busy doing business during these days”, says Dmitri Larionov, Business Manager, East Europe.